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 new users please post here!

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new users please post here! Empty
PostSubject: new users please post here!   new users please post here! I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2009 8:04 pm

new users, this is a great thread for you to post in to get welcomed or even make friends.

→ Follow all gaming universe Rules
Remember the oblivion forums Rules still apply, so please read and follow them. you can find it here

→ Only post in a welcome thread ONCE (Unless you're the thread creator)
Posting more than once in someone's introduction results in going off-topic. If you wish to continue a conversation or assist someone, send them a private message. However, if you are the thread creator, you are free to post multiple times.

→ Welcome Back Threads
Welcome back threads are only allowed if you have been absent for more than 30 days. If you haven't been gone that long, simply post in the Leave/Absence Thread.

→ Don't pretend to be new & post a thread
Don't make a new account and post a thread here, while pretending to be new. (Staff can view your IPs, it's very easy to see if this rule is broken.) You are allowed to have other accounts under certain circumstances; however, just don't pretend your new.

→ Leave/Absence Thread
This thread can be found here. If you are leaving (going on vacation, etc.) feel free to post there. You are also welcome to post there if you haven't been absent for more than 30 days. Do not post threads stating you are leaving. These will be locked immediately.

→ Don't Copy & Paste your welcomes
It's very disrespectful to new members by posting the same message over and over. Posting exact or near exact welcomes with the intent to raise post count is not allowed. It's not going to make the members feel very welcome, either. This is a forum to welcome the new members, not to increase your post count.

→ Silently report threads/posts instead of posting in the thread.
If you happen to find someone that has broken a rule, use the report button ( or ) instead of being a hero and posting. We check every thread; however, we can't catch everything.

→ Do not make a Welcome Back thread if you're returning from a ban.
Being banned is a punishment for committing a wrong act here, you do not have the privilege to post a welcome back thread.

p.s: ~welcome to oblivion forums~

here is an example of what you can post

"hi my name is ..., i am ... years old. my hobbies are to ............,
i love to....., i love to make new friends, i am a ..... kind of person."

here is an example which you can or wont follow

~please enjoy~
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new users please post here!
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